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NPN contest for 02/01/2012 through 4/1/2012 prize is 1 FREE PSA graded RC card!

Answer the questions below to get a free spot in a radom drawing for the prize.

1. Do you collect game used cards and if so whats you opnion on game used card that where releases in 2011?

2. Do you collect patch cards and if so whats you opnion on game used card that where releases in 2011?

3. Do you collect auto cards and if so whats you opnion on game used card that where releases in 2011?

4. How do you feel about a product that offered full sized game used logo patchs and letter patchs with real good odds of pulling them?

5. How do you feel about jumbo jersey cards where 90% of the card is game used?

6. How do you feel about PSA incased cut auto's with no card just the full cut being PSA incased?




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1. I do and in general the cards were hit and miss, mostly miss - Big large one color jersey cards just don't do it for me. 

2. I do and I think they were better then the GU kind, some creativity was used making some editions really stand out.

3. Not sure if this is for autos or game used - I answered the GU above, autos I collect as well and love that we're getting more on card autos.

4. That would be awesome.

5. See #4

6. Not feelin' it.

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1. I do collect them.  I prefer game used over event used or manufactured.  I really like the black friday pylon insert.

2. I do collect them. I am getting a little tired of the overuse of small white patches. They are usually too plane unless it flows with design.

3. i love autos.  My favorite designs are on card autos combined with game used relics e.g. football, jersey, etc.

4.  I would be highly interested in full size logos especially game used over manufactured.  It would be nice to tie in the card back with a player even better would be an event.

5. Love it.  Design must be right though.  Have to be able to get across player, team.  An auto would be nice.  Multi-color is essential though.  A large white swatch with a small border would not be attractive, especially if you have to turn it over to see player, team, etc.

6.  I would be disappointed at the loss of the item.  Why just the cut signature.  If it is not part of a card/matting, why cut the piece up.  Keep the entire document.  Don't ruin it to put in plastic.

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1. I do but only HOFs and Super Stars. the Game used market is being well over done with lots of High Numbered and Lots of Non-Numbered I feel that That buying Hobby Box and finding a non-numbered game used is becomeing the Norm. (Tired)
2. Only For The Reds this is also becoming over done Every blister box has patch So over it.

3. Well Heck Ya but this is also another Loaded with Signed Tape Cards and most are Nobodys and never will bes. (Tired)

4.This is at least to me New and Awesome I Like this alot. This is more of that OMG I My Fav Players Batting Glove. Insted of a numbered to 2012 game used or never used patch.

5. Another Cool thing but still close to that little inch x inch game used. Maybe a send in card with a whole Jersey. Now that would Be Awesome

6. I have Tons Of Auto post cards this is cool and I wish others woud Follow along with you.

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The radom drawing was done today RollandNiles is the winner of this NPN contest. Please email customercare to claim your prize.

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